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Here’s the chance to put your fashion skills and knowledge to the test. Play the games to find out if your’re a true fashionista and beat the others!

Fashion games to test your fashion knowledge

A fashionista looks at fashion as a form of art and has a great feeling for style. However, some knowledge and research is needed to know what we are talking about. To make the right shopping decisions, characteristics of different fabrics have to be clear. Do you know the difference between silk, satin and chiffon? This is exactly where these fashion games are about, testing your fashion knowledge in finest detail. Do you recognize a brand on the sole picture of some pants? And what about pricing, can you estimate which of two shirts is more expensive? Put it to the test, start gaming now!

What exactly is a fashionista?

The ultimate fashionista is always on top of the latest clothing trends and newest designer brands. She knows every detail of the latest fashion collections already before they are launched. As an expert on styling, she’s the best to give wonderful clothing advices to friends. Her own unique looks are inspiring, with a creative touch on the hottest trends. Fashion photography in the magazines are a great source of inspiration. Ideas come into practice during shopping, which is a number one priority. Every single inch of all shops in the city are inspected carefully to find that perfect dress to die for. Is this you? Then there’s no doubt: you’re a real fashionista.

Only a few people know how to break or set trends. A name that absolutely has to be included in the list of most famous fashionista’s is Coco Chanel. She is thought to be the most stylish and elegant woman ever. Until today, her influences are still detectable when thinking about the little black dress and tweed jackets. In the Sixties, model and trend-setter Twiggy came up. Her oversized sunglasses and mini-skirts became instantly popular. Today, Kate Moss has been named the best dressed woman of the decade. With her casual style she starts trends, more than any other model or celebrity. Another famous modern fashion icon is Carrie from Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker is known for her unique fashion choices and has an obsession for high heeled shoes, especially Jimmy Choo’s. She inspires others in the most fashionable television show ever. Become a trendsetter too and increase your fashion knowledge by playing the fashion games!


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